Manually migrating settings from 1.5 to 1.6

We are sorry that the migration to the new version did not work well for you. Fortunately your old settings are not lost, you can still get them back.

Basically what we have to do is temporarily revert to an older version of MatterControl, export all of your settings, then upgrade again to the newer version and import them. Here are step by step instructions.

1. Download and reinstall MatterControl 1.5

2. Start MatterControl 1.5 and select your printer.
3. In Settings, select default quality and default material.
4. Choose Export from the Options.. menu (under the material selection). This will save the baseline profile for your printer.
5. Go to Settings and click the pencil icon next to the Material selection
6. For each material you want to save, click Edit and then click Export.
7. Repeat this process for any quality presets you want to keep.
8. Download and reinstall MatterControl 1.6

9. Start MatterControl 1.6
10. Go to File > Import Printer and choose the baseline .ini file you exported earlier.
11. In the Settings page, go to the Profile... menu and choose Import.
12. Choose Create New Material Preset.
13. Select one of the .slice files you exported earlier.
14. Repeat this for the rest of your Materials and Qualities.

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